Digital signage is an electronic advertising poster with digital media content in the form of moving images. These networked information systems make it possible to quickly update their contents. Meanwhile available in 4K/UHD Ultra-High-Definition resolution.

We integrate smartphones into digital signage systems via the widespread Bluetooth and iBeacon technology.

This allows consumers to interact directly with the signage using their smartphones in order to access information and content. Information on products and services can be transmitted directly to potential customers to support the buying decision.

Furthermore, we offer solutions for the 3rd dimension in digital screens.

Digital Stereoscopic-3D-displays that can be viewed without the distracting 3D glasses, and which are thus ideally suited for digital sales promotion at the Point-of-Sale.

Suitable for sales promotion at the Point-of-Sale, digital signage and in-store TV are gaining importance as advertising and information media in stores, banks, hotels, restaurants and also in public areas such as train stations and airports..

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