3D without glasses

3D on the digital display –
but without glasses!

Give us a call and ask to be

shown a 3D demo at your offices

Stereographic 3D, or more accurately s3D, is probably familiar to you from the cinema or maybe even from your own personal 3D-TV at home. Now we are able to offer this fascinating technology for digital sales promotion. And even something more that goes beyond what you may be familiar with...

...namely “true” 3D experience – WITHOUT GLASSES!

In a 3D cinema or on TV, you see the scenes with the accustomed depth effect from a defined perspective, regardless of where you happen to be sitting.

Our displays enable you to perceive more realistic 3-dimensional images and products. By simply moving from side to side in front of the display, you see static or moving 3D objects from eight, slightly different angles. This is ideal for product presentations, because it allows you to show potential customers different perspectives “on the fly.”

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