Content is what it’s all about…

Experienced digital signage experts don’t really care so much about what is technically possible; they want to be sure it makes sense from a marketing viewpoint. Without in-depth knowledge of the daily sales routine and without clever content management, it’s not worth the effort.

We at a|p|t have this knowledge. Our professionals always find the right mix of information and entertainment, from breaking news and live broadcasts to interactivity and playfulness.

In brief: we design your digital marketing mix around your products, services and brands.

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…and also cost-effectiveness

Do you remember how much a good laptop used to cost eight or nine years ago? And how much you pay for one today? Something like only half as much while at the same time getting greatly improved software and hardware.

It’s the same with digital signage. Equipment prices fall the larger the system, and existing video clips, advertising spots, photos, graphics, audio recordings and text can be “recycled” when preparing editorial content.

We take care of cost-effectiveness, and you receive a perfect presentation at a fair price.







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